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The learning path

The Academy is a 6 month learning experience dedicated to talented people from 18 to 39 that want to learn the tecniques and characteristics of the hospitality industry from both "back of house" and "front of house" prospective.


Participants are involved in workshops and will learn different skills in the workplace, including an introduction to the history of cuisine and culinary biodiversity, a tasting and a study of the best known and finest wines, an in-depth study on sales techniques and store management, and the study of the different techniques of preparing and serving food.


At the end of each course, the knowledge acquired by the students is assessed by the tutors with a final test for the achievement of the Academy Diploma and to each and every student will be given the possibility to attend a job interview with one of our partner restaurants.


The course is designed to raise professionals in the Hospitality industry. It is meant to form professionals in the catering service, management duties, bartending and sommellerie and it is meant to to facilitate integration into the labour market of restaurants as well as national and international hotellerie.

Designed for:

Anyone interested in a profession in Hospitality. From graduates to professionals who wish to enhance their career.



  • History of cuisine

  • Welcoming and managing guests

  • Products and culinary biodiversity

  • Kitchen basis, tools and equipments

  • Plating and serving techniques

  • Kitchen/floor sections and responsibilities

  • Cooking workshops

  • Cooking Techniques and professional ethics

  • Back office

  • Etiquette

  • Oenology and Enography

  • WSET Level 1 and 2

  • English classes in preparation to B1


  • Organisation control and management

  • Team management of restaurants and hotels

  • Back office in depth and stock management

  • Mixology

  • Food Design

  • Catering and banqueting design

  • Marketing and customer care

  • Human resources management

  • Oenology and Enography

  • WSET Level 3

  • Visit to producers

  • Masterclasses with Business experts

  • English classes in preparation to B1


An avarage of 40 hours per week in one of our prestigius partnered restaurants


6 months - Including school lessons, practical trainings and traineeship

Pouring Red Wine

Just what you need!

One of the distinctive element of the Academy is in the organization: not only gives the opportunity to attend free accredited courses, but it also ensures the possibility of a change of life for the participants.


In fact, the participants receive a monthly bonus including accommodation, board and a monthly travel pass which makes them immediately independent from an economic point of view, and offers the possibility of developing a career in an international working environment.


To make sure we provide to our students all necessary amount of skills required to operate in this new environment, the course includes English classes twice a week, in preparation to the final test to gain a B1 level certificate, a series of training courses such as Food Hygiene, Health and safety, HCCP and Fire Marshal, and the very rare opportunity of attending WSET courses with some of the most renowed experts in wine.

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